Tip of the Hat for May 9, 2018

Tip of the hat to Lisa Yoquelet and the crew at the line County Line Marathon for providing 4- to 6-piece chicken meals to go with the drinks I already purchased for the four members of the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department who were left to tend to the hot spots at a large barn fire across from our old family farm. What a great thing to do since the fire was at 5 a.m., and they hadn’t eaten for close to 20 hours. I’m glad I had told them who the drinks were for as I was getting ready to leave.

We want to thank the person or persons that paid for our dinner (on April 28) at the Athenian Restaurant. We certainly enjoyed it very much. It was truly a nice surprise for a couple of 80-year-olds. We have passed it on, and it surely does make you feel good. Again, that you paid for our dinner was truly appreciated. Thank you.

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