The Rant for May 23, 2018

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I hope that when you get on the canal boat and tour the rivers that you remember one thing. These boats were used to forcibly remove the Indian population from Fort Wayne for relocation – better known as ethnic cleansing. The view that you see was the same view these people saw of their home as they were shipped out to the west, never to return. It should not be celebrated, and Dan Wire should be ashamed.

The ” No Call” list isn’t working! Phone companies should be faulted for the problem! They are selling “local” numbers to out-of-state and foreign countries, “for profit”! They need to be controlled or even fined for selling fake “ID’s” to deceive the public!

To the 100 or so morons a day who drive Dupont Road and think you can bypass the closure by going through LaCabreah: What part of “No outlet” do you not understand. No means it can’t be done. Outlet means a way to get out. You drive by at least three “No outlet” signs, then you act surprised because there is no outlet. … You can’t fix stupid.

If people don’t want a bad result from an interaction with the police, maybe they shouldn’t become combative and resistant.

There are tens of thousands of people who live in Allen County and surrounding counties who will NEVER go downtown. Not to the Riverfront or Electric Works, until the shootings stop. It’s time that the mayor, police chief and prosecutor get these people off of the streets. They know who the shooters are. It’s time to crack some heads and put them in jail. Civil rights be damned. The police know who the gang members are. Bring in the feds and rid our city of these vermin.

How about getting some good acoustic folk-rock music like CSNY (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young), (Bob) Dylan, or Simon and Garfunkel, or some good singer/songwriter Texas-Americana music like Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark or Blaze Foley to come to the Foellinger Theatre. (I realize some of these would have to be “tribute bands” because of being deceased). This is some great music, sure to sell out.

It comes as no surprise that low-IQ people have more children than high-IQ people. This horrifying but true scenario is nothing short of social suicide. One way to deal with this disturbing reality would be to require anyone on public assistance to either have a vasectomy or an implanted birth-control device.

Property assessments slight real property owners by giving steep discounts to rental properties. I have rental properties on my street which are much bigger in square footage, so then why is my assessment $30,000-$40,000 higher than a rental property? Oh, that’s right, … it is because I keep the trash out of my yard and I mow my lawn. Property assessments are not being accessed fairly. It should not matter if it is landlord-owned or private homeowner, … one would think!

If you live in a small Allen County community and you treat your own sewage, well, you had better watch out. The Fort Wayne City Utilities is knocking at your back door! Treating sewage is a profitable business, and Fort Wayne wants it. If Fort Wayne City Utilities is not growing its utility, then it is not making money.

No surprise that the life expectancy has been going down with all the overweight boomers and millennials.

The city is really looking very trashy with all the graffiti-type “art” showing up everywhere.

I just listened to three TV comments by Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Jerry Brown defending

the dignity of the Gang MS-13. I think it’s time for President Trump to sign an executive order to

put a tent city on each of these people’s properties so we can put all MS-13 gang members in them and then hold all three people responsible for their behavior, education and health care, and they can feed them daily.

The scarcity of women wearing dresses makes cross-dressing a misnomer.

If I had a time machine, I would go back in time and make sure people from Africa were never brought to America and enslaved. Slavery was wrong and immoral.

Really Ivy Tech: therapy dogs, adult coloring books and relaxing mobile apps, all to “de-stress” your students during finals week. What a perfect example of the movement to create a total “snowflake” society in this country. I’m sure this is just one school where this type of thing is going on. Generations of students have sucked it up and made it through finals without being pampered so thoroughly. It’s called growing up and learning how to accept and face challenges in your life. Are these students now going to expect their future place of employment to provide “distress” centers when they have to work overtime or are given a deadline to accomplish a project? Maybe if they are lucky enough to get hired by the right company, there will be milk and cookies in the afternoon!

… (A Fort Wayne auto dealer), please don’t stoop to the type of commercials … (another Fort Wayne auto dealer) uses. You and your products are better than that.

The new neighbor who took it upon herself to solicit her religion onto others tells everyone she does not judge anyone. I don’t judge either, but your behavior has revealed your true character. I would suggest, “Practice what you preach.”

There’s a very successful business that started in the Fort Wayne area. They now have their merchandise made in China at a much lower labor cost, but the price of the merchandise remains the same or higher. So the greed continues among the business people. Me, me, me. What about the people that lost their jobs, that made this business thrive? How do they sleep at night?

My family lives just south of Avilla. I will not allow my high school age kids to go to Fort Wayne. We used to let them go to … (a Fort Wayne shopping mall) but not anymore. No zoo, no Science Central, no Three Rivers Festival. Definitely nothing downtown. Fort Wayne has a violence problem, and it is a daily occurrence. Shootings everywhere. What happened to my hometown? It is not safe anymore.

The letter writer thinks that the Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment because “they were worried about under-armed or unarmed citizens opposing an oppressive government.” That was fine 240 years ago, but now we have the world’s best military. Does the writer think that if (President) Trump decides to enact martial law, common citizens will be able to fight back? Not a chance. It would be a bloodbath the likes that have never been seen in the history of the U.S. Just more idiotic, delusional rantings by a right-wing writer.

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