The Rant for May 30, 2018

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Why is it so many people don’t know the meaning of the word “Yield”? Every day, I get on I-69 and people come roaring up the ramp from I-69 on to Illinois Road. There is a “Yield” sign at the top of the ramp that people seem to think says “Merge.” The words do not mean the same thing.

Look it up! The traffic on Illinois Road has the right of way.

I’ll be glad when the Mayor and the other politicians have given away all the Legacy Funds, then the “Vultures” (contractors) will stop circling downtown to grab the free money for projects “We” can’t live without!

It looks like the deplorables don’t want to work or have no mental skills to get a job. Of the 4 million unemployed, 75 percent voted for (President) Trump. (Hillary) Clinton was correct. That group of misfits was never going to get a job. They voted for Trump because he was rich, and they thought he would give them money. There needs to be a means test for voting. You need to have a job and make at least $50,000 per year. If not, you are too dumb to cast an intelligent vote.

The fact that some whites would prefer not to be in the presence of some blacks is not for unfounded and baseless reasons. True diversity and understanding requires respect, cooperation and a non-threatening demeanor from BOTH sides.

What do the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and the Russian collusion theory have in common?

A. A lot of people believe they are real.

B. No one has ever found hard evidence supporting their existence.

C. And, people believe that If we would just look longer, harder and spend more money looking, we really could find them someday.

No, No, No. Just because someone was in the military is not a reason to vote for them, as a columnist writes. Academy maybe, but enlisted, no way. This is what is wrong with America. The military wants total control. Just look at the way (Indiana U.S. Sen. Todd) Young and (Indiana U.S. Rep. Jim) Banks vote. Nothing for those who strive to live while society bucks them at every level. Vote for business people who know the real world.

Hanes underwear says that it (Comfort Flex Fit briefs) feels just like a kangaroo’s pouch. I guess that if I kept sticking my Joey out, I would have to go to jail and be classified as a sex offender. What a STUPID commercial.

I just read President Trump resonates with Midwest voters because he “tells them what they want to hear.” What does that say about people who want to hear outright lies, gross exaggerations and petulant rantings from a self-serving megalomaniac conning and entertaining his base with his reality-show presidency? Pathetic. Sad.

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