The Rant for June 13, 2018

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Hope the new hotels downtown have their own water purification systems. Fort Wayne water has a bunch of stink weeks. Splashboard installation, drought week, gully washer week and fall leaves stink week. How sad that a business will not relocate here because our water stinks. I know it’s safe, just like day old fish, but c’mon. No one wants to shower in stinky water.

Mark GiaQuinta really knows how to fool people and voters into thinking he cares for them when in reality he is a jerk only out for himself. He should NEVER be elected to any office again.

Republican or Democrat, you have to admit Gov. Eric Holcomb has done a great job leading Indiana!

As a member of the Democratic Party, I believe that Mayor Tom Henry DOES NOT deserve to be elected to another term as mayor. Lately, he has shown me that he is not the man I thought I was voting for.

(President) Trump told us his corporate tax cut would keep companies from shipping jobs overseas. I guess Harley Davidson didn’t get the memo because they … (are opening a plant in Thailand). When will working folks realize that the only people who have any business voting Republican are billionaires?

Guess what Roseanne? A racist & a jerk had a baby = YOU.

When are the police going to enforce noise ordinance violations against motorcycles? Why should these fake tough, under-endowed, attention whores get away with flagrantly violating the law?

A Nobel prize for President Trump is still in doubt but he has already set a Guinness World Record for the number of false statements uttered by a U.S. president.

Parkview is great at spending millions as they gobble up small communities’ health-care facilities and build more buildings. Not-for-profit, they say. They get state and federal tax breaks for providing charity care and community benefit. Yet, the consumer pays more! Most of their employees make less than $15 an hour. They need to lower their prices and pay their employees more. IU Hospital, hurry and get here!

This man has to be in the media every day. Regardless of context, small menial things. (President) Trump this, Trump that. This is NOT reality TV. He wants a military parade. Dictators, countries who want to intimidate, are the ones that have parades to show others that they have armies, weapons. The biggest hero is one who does something without fanfare. The only ones that know are the receivers of his efforts. This guy (Trump) is the worst.

Vulgarity is the new norm. We are no longer a civil society.

The traffic (improvements) on Dupont (Road) between Coldwater and Lima (roads) is much needed, but it’s also so-o-o-o-o inconvenient.

I would like to rant about how there is a kid running against Geoff Paddock for city council. He is literally a kid with no experiences that would make him even close to qualified to be on city council.

The weather went from winter to the dead of summer. I WANT SPRING WEATHER!!!!

Fort Wayne Police officers are the best. We are very lucky to have such a great police force in this city!

Can people find something new to argue about that isn’t politics?

If you want your face to look like a pin cushion, no one’s stopping you. But I sure … don’t want you as my waitress while I pay $100 for dinner for two. Or cleaning my teeth, or working for my doctor or lawyer. Individuality is your choice, but there are limits. When your tongue piercing or lip ring makes it hard to decipher what you are saying, then you should not have a job that intermingles with the public unless you are a stripper or tattoo artist.

A ranter posted about Republicans being so far right-wing that they are killing our democracy. We are not, have never been a democracy. We are a constitutional republic. Any dictionary will explain the difference. And yes, it does matter.

Republicans go on and on about getting their tax cuts passed. What they don’t mention is that these tax cuts primarily benefit billionaires at the expense of everyone else.

I don’t understand the uproar over the C-Word. The definition is “can’t understand normal thought.” It is used at times toward the uber-rich women who don’t raise their own kids, who live the life of luxury, who allow the men in their lives to have mistresses and then have the audacity to think that they know how the middle-class and poor live. They don’t have a clue as to what is normal. So what’s the big deal?

God is gathering the Jewish people back to Israel. If you reject Jewish people’s right to live in Israel, you are rejecting God. And I believe you will face consequences for that. … There were a few Jews and a few Arabs living in this desolate land just before Israel became a nation again and now it is beautiful. The Arabs were invited to stay, but some of them moved out so other Arabs could attack the newly formed nation. The suffering of the falsely called Palestinian people is self-inflicted.

I have two words for the TinCaps manager. Squeeze bunt. Three times in Sunday’s game, the TinCaps had bases loaded, and three times the next batter was out. Two Ks and one fly out. A squeeze bunt is basic Baseball 101. It is taught in the Little Leagues. How can a manager not try to put runs home. No season tickets for my family next year unless (TinCaps Manager Anthony) Contreras is sent down to advanced training.

No! I will not celebrate Germanfest. The country that gave us Hitler, extermination camps and death squads. The country that killed all of my ancestors except my grandmother, who was saved by U.S. troops. If she would have died, my parents would have never been born or me or my precious three daughters. So no, I won’t celebrate because the Germans won’t apologize in public at their festival for the genocide that their ancestors were part of. Over 40 million died, and now you celebrate those animals. Terrible.

I find it offensive when I see the American flag being worn as clothing. This is an explicit violation of the U.S. flag code.

Remember when WOWO was an iconic radio station? Now it is just a platform for right-wing propaganda from the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. How sad.

Thanks to the gun haters, May 2018 set an all-time record for the most checks through the NICS with over 2 million.

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