LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Are the left-leaning members of the media telling the right story?

It is entertaining to watch the epidemic of pants-wetting now afflicting the left-wing print and TV news outlets due to the resignation of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy. A majority of the angst seems to accrue to concerns about the fate of Roe v Wade. Pope Francis recently observed that abortion is the “white glove” equivalent of eugenics (the cornerstone of the founding of Planned Parenthood). Here are a few approximate numbers regarding the cause of deaths of Americans last year:

• 40,000 traffic deaths

• 17,000 murders (2/3 with guns)

• 45,000 suicides

• 634,000 heart disease

• 596,000 cancer

• 653,000 abortions (39% white, 61% minority)

For reference, 58,000 U.S. soldiers died in the Vietnam War.

Draw your own conclusions.

— William E Dotterweich, Fort Wayne