LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Greater Fort Wayne is overstepping its bounds

When does a transformational vision for the future become a delusional nightmare for the taxpayers? When will the echo chamber of elected officials realize that their echo chamber vision of Greater Fort Wayne’s Road to One Million is nothing more than the wealthy elites playing to one-up the other.

And, I dare to say, with taxpayers money! Why are the wealthy elites and elected officials’ visions any better than mine? Did they all of a sudden wake up with superpowers of looking into the future? Maybe the wealthy elites and elected officials need to look back into the past to really see what the future will bring. Probably more sewage overflow, water main breaks, undrivable streets, unwalkable sidewalks, uncrossable intersection, infrastructure that is crumbling and a laundry list of other issues our past wealthy elites and elected officials from 30 years ago didn’t have the vision to keep maintaining or upgrading. So, now our wealthy elites and elected officials want to do the same thing: Spend, raise taxes, raise water/sewer rates and borrow tax money on a delusional vision of greatness. When you’re using taxpayers’ money, it’s easy to be a great transformational thinking visionary. But that doesn’t make it transformational or successful.

GFW is, and has been, overstepping it’s intended function for years. The GFW has become a quasi-governmental agency that has no oversight. The Allen County commissioners, Fort Wayne City Council and Allen County Council representatives are nothing more than a warm body at the GFW’s table. Either that or just “yes men” to the whims and vision of the wealthy elites playing with the taxpayers’ treasure.

The transformational, forward-thinking elected officials have let every taxpayer down and need to be defeated, voted out of office and held accountable for allowing the delusional echo chamber Allen County and the City of Fort Wayne elected officials to put lipstick on a pig. All the while telling the taxpayers how transformational it will be. It’s still a pig.

I need to apologize to pigs for comparing pigs to elected officials.

— John Modezjewski, Fort Wayne