LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader takes issue with letter writer’s view of NRA

I write in reply to a letter to the editor by Mr. John Beams.

Among other things, Mr. Beams referred to the NRA as a hate group. In truth, the NRA is an indispensable, pro-American-values group that defends American citizens’ invaluable Second Amendment rights to defend against tyrannical governments as well as criminals.

The biggest hate group in America is the Democratic Party. Want proof? Consider the vile, raw, malignant hatred that is spewed out on almost a daily basis against President Trump and his supporters. This hate comes from Democratic leaders in government as well as Democrats in Hollywood, late-night comedians, etc.

Mr. Beams also stated that he didn’t think that Democrats wanted to destroy the Second Amendment, but just recently retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, as well as others on the democratic progressive left, have said that destroying the Second Amendment is exactly what they wanted to do.

All of this talk about assault rifles is only a tiny first step of what the Democratic progressive left wants to do. Their real target is the entire Second Amendment.

Even that is only a first step. The next target of the Democratic Left will be your First Amendment rights of free speech.

Don’t believe me, look at our college campuses where the Democratic Left is attempting to silence all conservative speech!

Remember the real hate in America comes from the Democratic Left.

— David Caroll, Huntington