Letters to the editor

Supreme Court issues could have been handled discreetly

After carefully following the ‘show trial’ that has been Judge Kavanaugh’s Senate Advise and Consent hearings, I am convinced that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has been assaulted. Not by Brett Kavanaugh 30+ years ago, but 3 months ago by Senator Dianne Feinstein, and 3 weeks ago by the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This could have been handled discretely, respecting Dr. Ford’s privacy. The FBI could have quietly investigated her accusations back in July. But no, Senator Feinstein had to hold this back and then Showboat it in a classic Democratic attempt at an October Surprise. I don’t like the manner in which Judge Kavanaugh has been treated. And I feel sorry for the way the Democrats have used Dr. Ford. What message does this send to other women who might turn to their political representative for help?

Bruce Cynar


Kavanaugh, Trump press coverage degrading

I’ve just read an article by the Associated Press about Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing. It’s no wonder to me why President Trump attacks the press. Constant degrading opinions masquerading as reporting.

This particular piece uses phrases like this and I quote, “Brett Kavanaugh’s tottering Supreme Court nomination.” It’s not tottering and most unbiased people know that. Further tripe by the AP follows. The AP calls the protestors against Kavanaugh “aggressive” when it really should be using the words violent and even maybe assault. At any rate, the verbal assaults continue.

The Democrats and even some Republicans came out against Trump’s demeaning comments about Ford, which is true, Trump was wrong, BUT nowhere does the AP mention the also dangerous clownish circus that has been carried our by the Democrats against a long time respected jurist., a classic case of guilty before proven innocent. The dumb response by President Trump doesn’t even come close to the concerted political, vicious attacks by the Democrats against the nominee, a classic case of “Borking” and a search and destroy mission instead of Advise and Consent as defined under our constitution.

The AP article also mentions Senator Flake’s ( Republican) opinion about Trump’s latest goof. He said it was “kind of appalling.” This from a Senator who changed his mind over one woman’s rant, never mind his constituents input. The AP also quotes another Democratic senator, Schumer, who said that Trump’s remarks were a ‘new low’. This coming from the minority leader and his cohort, Feinstein, who have just trashed the reputation of a judge and forever changed the life of the accuser (and not for the better).

The AP finishes up with saying that Trump’s off the cuff remark about Dr. Ford was stated “inaccurately” The AP doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

The AP’s play on words to destroy those on the Right by snide manipulation of the English language is an outright abuse of the Trust that we had in the media (note the past tense) and that is not stated inaccurately. It IS abuse of the 1st Amendment.

Wayne A. Doenges

New Haven

Sexual assault was deliberate, not committed by clumsy, adolescent boys

Dana White’s letter to the editor published on October 2, 2018, had some incorrect information. First of all, both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh seemed to agree that he was 17 on the night in question, and Dr. Ford was 15 or 16. In many states, including Indiana, someone age 17 who is charged with a crime could be prosecuted as an adult.

Secondly, juvenile offenders in Indiana do not necessarily have their records purged at the age of 18. There is a process that must be followed to have one’s record expunged. If I read the Indiana requirements correctly, sexual offenders cannot have their records expunged. I cannot speak to rules in other states.

Finally, I would not say that this was a case of a clumsy boy discovering girls. Instead, even though the would-be perpetrators were also drinking heavily, there was a deliberate attempt to intoxicate the girls sufficiently that sexual acts could then be performed on them without much resistance. This shows that some planning went into the assault. The young men involved were indeed lucky not to have been arrested and charged with a crime. Suggesting that such behavior is typical of adolescent boys is an insult to the many kind and decent young men in our society.

I wonder if Dana White would consider this a double standard if such an assault happened to a family member!

Emily Rico

Fort Wayne

Let’s keep Republicans in power

I have been watching the supreme court process to seat a new justice in the news lately. The way the Dems have been acting throughout this whole thing makes a person fed up with the Democratic party. With the way they act and conduct themselves, who in there right mind could ever vote for them to run the country. Let’s help Trump get a even larger majority in the house and senate. WE DESERVE GOOD GOVERNMENT.

Timothy Schmidt