EXCLUSIVE: Eric Trump–Hoosiers hold the future of our country in their hands

It’s time to vote, Indiana. And with the candidates you have on the ballot this year, that’s an exciting prospect indeed.

Vice President Mike Pence has been an invaluable ally to my father in Washington, and after spending some time on the campaign trail with his brother, Greg Pence, I’m more convinced than ever that two Pences are better than one.

What’s better than two Pences? Two Pences and Braun.

My father held a rally Monday with Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun, another Make America Great Again candidate who’s going to be the next senator from Indiana.

I can tell you that the President and Vice President believe strongly in Braun, and you should too.

It took years of hard work, but Mike Braun earned Indiana’s trust with his sound leadership and rock-solid principles as a member of the Indiana House of Representatives — the same things will make him an indispensable part of my father’s America First agenda in the U.S. Senate.

Mike Braun is committed to preserving your Second Amendment right to bear arms and supports President Trump’s belief in unleashing the power of the American worker by reducing taxes and cutting unnecessary red tape.

Lest you think he’s only out for himself, Mike Braun is also in favor of imposing term limits and restricting former members of Congress from becoming lobbyists for at least five years after they retire. Neither of those things would enrich Mike Braun, but they would certainly go a long way toward protecting voters from unscrupulous politicians.

President Trump’s pro-growth policies are clearly working for Indiana, and sending Mike Braun and Greg Pence to Washington is vital to ensuring that partisan gridlock doesn’t bring the gravy train to a halt.

Unemployment hovers around an all-time low, hitting 3 percent in September, and average wages in Indiana rose by a whopping 3.59 percent last year.

Thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, over 90 percent of Hoosiers received a tax break this year — meaning more money in your pocket, and less in the hands of politicians in Washington.

The national economy is humming, too, with growth on pace to top 3 percent this year for the first time since before Barack Obama was president.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you vote for Republican candidates who will ensure that we continue to enjoy robust economic growth.

Hoosiers are blessed to have such pro-America candidates to elect tomorrow — Pence and Braun are a combination that’ll prove invaluable to the State of Indiana, and to the entire country.

Eric Trump (@EricTrump) is Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization and the second-oldest son of President Trump.