Guest Editorial: College students would be wise to prepare for tests of faith

Robert Rinearson

Perhaps you are a parent(s) who has dedicated your life to raising your children with a focus on preparing them for their future.

Along the way, you have stressed the importance of getting a good education. You have taught them to respect the law and those who enforce it. You have shown reverence to those who put it all on the line to defend America and its values. You raised them to have pride in their country, to always respect the flag. And, just maybe, you were a parent who taught your children, both through lessons as well as by example, the Golden Rule and that faith is a strength best served through practice.

You realized when your children were still quite young that life can throw challenges your way, and that part of growing up is being readied to face those challenges.

And then, just as quickly, the time has come for them to leave the nest to take that final path toward adulthood, meaning going off to college.

But what many parents are finding out, that a college education means your children may find themselves regularly tested, not for what they learned from a semester of lectures and intense studying, but instead to have the very foundation of their life’s values and beliefs dissected, mocked and ridiculed by elitist professors who put their own politics above your child’s education.

Whether their opinions come out in the classroom, or organized school events, or university-supported writings or publications, many of today’s academia make such outrageous claims that would make President Trump blush.

Take, for example, the recent comments of Georgetown University Professor Christine Fair, who, following the Kavanaugh hearings, expressed her feelings about male Caucasians. She wrote, “This chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement, all of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps.” Just for good measure she colorfully added, “Bonus, we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine.” I’d hate to be a white heterosexual male sitting in her class.

Hope your student isn’t a Republican. If so, you might take note of Michigan State Professor William Penn who said, “You see all of the old Republicans with the dead skin cells washing off of them. They’re cheap. They don’t want to pay taxes because they have already raped this country and gotten everything out of it they possibly could.”

This guy must drink vinegar by the pitcher.

Then there is the case of Indiana University of Pennsylvania student Lake Ingle. It seems Lake was taking a Christianity course when he disagreed with what was being taught in the class. But, for a so-called class about Christianity, it seemed both the professor and the lesson was a bit out of sorts to Lake. The professor was a former pastor who transformed himself into a transgender woman. And when Lake stated a fact that “most biologists agree there are only two genders,” the professor not only kicked Lake out of class for good, but also recommended his expulsion from the college. A real shining moment for tolerance, wouldn’t you agree?

Of course, Christian/Judeo faith will be challenged in a system where the ratio of those professors who identify themselves as liberal, to those profs who even have the courage to claim they’re conservative, usually runs ninety-nine percent to one. They will shove faith to the side, yet cannot do enough to force the merits of “diversity” down your throat.

Take what Georgia Southern has recently sprung upon its students. The university has mandated that “all students take diversity and inclusion classes,” with the students bearing the brunt of the costs. Of course, chances are good that somewhere along the line, these students have already had to study diversity in either high or middle school, but at least it will make the administrators feel good.

So parents, take heed. Warn your children that, as they continue their education, their values and beliefs will be challenged by those whose own values are only self-serving and stand to pollute the truth. Let them know that many professors who use their classes and positions to stand on their rickety soap boxes have less interest in educating, and more in brainwashing.

Or do as writer and commentator Ben Shapiro suggests, “There is still hope for American youth. Just keep them as far as possible from their professors.”