LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Good intentions don’t always yield good results with NFL protests

The NFL players who boldly face outrage, approbation and condemnation to stand for a cause they see as noble are not bad people. They are trying to protest what they see as bad. Their good intentions, however, are not achieving good results. They are not attracting many to their view. They get some support, but much out of brotherhood among teammates and friends rather than adherence to their views.

There are those who like to see a divided America. During the 2016 election, Russia purchased Facebook time. They gave support to both sides of contentious issues, such as-Black Lives Matter, immigration, gay rights, gun control. Their goal was to stir up more controversy and infighting, destabilizing a united USA. In troubled times, we need union, not division.

Just as dishonoring the cross would not be a good way to protest something you disagreed with within a church organization, it is also wrong for single-issue adherents to dishonor the comparable entity found in the flag of our country. The flag embodies all our goals, loves, history, heroes, hopes, prayers and much more. They should find some more honorable and acceptable way to voice their concerns as indeed they have a right to do.

We must hope for an acceptable solution that will satisfy all and calm this divisive problem and provide a vibrant, entertaining NFL that also loves our country with all its facets.

— Paul Reszel, Fort Wayne

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