LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Is Congress being held accountable for what they are paid to do?

Our country has over $20 trillion of debt. It’s outrageous. Washington politicians are out of control. They are incentivized to spend money we don’t have. We need a no budget-no pay law for members of Congress. If members of Congress can’t pass a budget, then they shouldn’t be paid.

Todd Rokita is running for the United States Senate and is championing this issue. He has my support.

Our national debt increases every single day. Unless something dramatic happens there is no end in sight. A no budget-no pay law would force politicians to live within their means and pass a balanced budget.

Todd Rokita takes the national debt issue seriously. He even has a debt clock in his office. He’ll fight for no budget no pay and force Congress to live within their means. He has my support in his race for the United States Senate.

— Jonathin Troendle, Fort Wayne