LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Straight from the mouths of babes

I was reminded that wisdom flows from the mouths of babes while watching the video gone viral of 9-year-old Briana pleading with women at an Indianapolis abortion center.

A snippet from that video follows.

Briana pleaded, “I am a 9-year-old, and the voice of your baby right now.

“Don’t kill me, save me, let me live, let me see the world, let me see what it could bring, let me grow up so I can worship Jesus, and God.”

Let your baby live. Don’t live the rest of your life regretting it. Don’t live your life asking questions about your baby.

If you let him or her live, you can just look at your baby, and that will be your answer.

You can thank God for this beautiful joyous sunshine in your life.

Don’t get an abortion. Don’t live your life asking “when was her birthday, what would I name her, what would she look like, what would he look like, how old would he or she be, what would he or she be doing, right now.

“I wonder if I didn’t get an abortion, if I’d be happier than I am right now?” Well, let me tell you, you will be happier if you save your baby’s life.

And if you get an abortion, you will still be a mother, just a mother of a murdered baby.

You’ll live the rest of your life regretting what you did.

— Jim Arnold, Muncie