LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Does Greater Fort Wayne care about anything other than downtown?

Have you driven Goshen Road and Sherman Boulevard lately ?

Goshen Road is scheduled for a major upgrade and a new Transformational traffic round about at Goshen Road and Sherman Boulevard. The upgrades have been needed for a very long time as the Downtown Economic Development is in full swing and the flood of visitors to the new and very much improved Millennial Hipster Downtown expansion goes into hyper drive with the new Vera Bradley Hotel and the potential Transformational OmniSource property purchase. Our Fort Wayne and Allen County Leadership really need to start thinking about the Gateway into the Millennial Hipster Downtown and what real Economic Development means. Is it giving away public property and taxpayers treasurer to New Hotels? Is it something that’s going to be so transformational at the OmniSource site that it will trump all reasonable expectation of the taxpayers on how taxpayers treasures are being spent by our elected and non-elected leaders of Allen County and Fort Wayne?

The promises and propaganda of the GFW, the GFW City Council, the GFW Allen County Council and the GFW Allen County Commissioners are patting themselves on their backs and have convinced themselves that they are Economic Development geniuses. Heck give me control of that much taxpayers money and even I could be a genuine economic development genius. Why is GFW’S and Governments focus only for Economic Development of the Millennial Hipster Downtown when the gateways into their Millennial Hipster Downtown are very much in need of their attention for economic development help?

The Goshen Road Businesses have suffered from the lack of concern from all of our so call economic development consultants, Fort Wayne economic​ development departments, Allen County economic development departments, paid economic development consultants, elected officials and non-elected leaders and why is that? Why is a major gateway to the millennial hipster downtown being relegated to​ a second class low priority economic development issue? Why has there not been more attention and transformational thinking about the gateways to the yellow brick road of prosperity that lead to the millennial hipster downtown?

The yellow brick roads of prosperity run right though the neighborhoods, but that’s not as transformational as building a millennial hipster downtown. Nonetheless you have to drive through the neighborhoods to get to their millennial hipster downtown so why not start spending taxpayers treasurer on helping the taxpayers in their neighborhoods or isn’t that economic development ?

Greater Fort Wayne needs to change their name to Downtown Fort Wayne as it’s only concerned with Downtown and not any of the Real Transformational Economic Development that needs to be done on all of the Gateway’s into their Millennial Hipster Downtown.

— John Modezjewski, Fort Wayne

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