LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thankful for the men and women of public safety

At this time of year, we would like to take a minute to thank the men and women of public safety who serve the citizens of our communities. While many of us will never have the need for their services, be assured that should the need arise, these men and women will put our safety and that of our loved ones at the forefront of everything else.

A special thank you to the law enforcement community who over the years have helped us and our neighborhood through some very rough times. We have seen the participation in community-oriented policing skyrocket over the years in the neighborhoods thanks to the commitment of both citizens and police to work together making our city safer. Our police departments have been labeled some of the best in the Midwest and for good reason. They care about the people they have sworn to protect. Their resolve to fight crime is only preempted by their compassion for a child or victim of crime.

Not too long ago, we saw an officer and, more recently, a firefighter lose their lives. Thousands attended the funerals to show their respect. Unfortunately, the deceased were unable to see their sentiment. Why do we wait until a first responder perishes before we thank him or her for their dedication? These are men and women who, just like us, have kids, bills and everyday problems. And like us, they probably think it would be nice to hear “thank you” from those they serve. Although they are held to a higher standard of conduct, make no mistake, they will jump up, do whatever it takes, even if it means to put their life on the line to protect yours. I know I speak for thousands but if you see an officer or firefighter, add yourself to the number and say “thanks”, it’ll make their day and yours too.

“A Blessed Thanksgiving to you all”.

— Jerry Vandeveer, Fort Wayne