LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Attention better spent on cancer treatment than Opiods

As a cancer patient for the last 2 years and having gone through many chemo treatments and just recently a Stem Cell transplant. I need to ask why isn’t there more attention paid to cancer patients who by no fault of there own have gotten cancer?

Why do we hold the opioid addicts in such high regard when cancer patients who have lived productive lives are left to fend for themselves and have to endure the constant barrage of how the opioid addicts need help to overcome their life style choice of addiction and they get held up as victims?

I can’t understand the situation of drug addicts being hailed as victims when it was at some point in their life a choice that they have made and made many times over in their life times to choose opioids as their way to escape the reality and pain of life.

I as a cancer patient I have to wake up everyday in a life or death situation with the overwhelming pain that comes with Chemotherapy and that is not of my choosing and read or listen to how a person who made a life style choice of drug addiction and use is a victim!

I am very offended by your article and the entire opioid story’s of how we need to help opioid victims overcome this addiction, when productive people with Cancer are left to fend for themselves and lose everything because of the horrible disease of cancer. Most of Cancer Patients have worked for their entire lifes now only to face bankruptcy and humiliating situations in public from the Chemotherapy that has taken everything from your personality. This is not our life style choice but a harsh reality life, CANCER. Life or death and that’s what I face everyday by no choice of mine.

I am very offended by the over the top dramatic covering of the opioid addicts story and making the drug addicts out to be victims of society. How about real victims of a horrific life changing disease by no fault or choice of ours, CANCER!!

— John Modezjewski, Fort Wayne