LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Todd Rokita represents Hoosier values

Republicans cannot make the mistake of nominating a Richard Lugar or Evan Bayh, two politicians that ran for office in Indiana but lived in Washington D.C. History shows Hoosier voters want their representatives to live in Indiana. Republican primary voters should nominate Todd Rokita in the race for the United States Senate. Congressman Todd Rokita lives in Indiana. When he’s working in Washington D.C. he sleeps in his office. He comes home every weekend. You see him at the grocery store, his kids’ baseball games, and at church. He represents Hoosier values in Washington D.C. not the other way around. Todd Rokita lives in Indiana and shares our Hoosier values. He won’t have the same residency issues as other candidates and will keep the race focused on Joe Donnelly.

— Luke Vanderhoff, Indianapolis