LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Will downtown hotel be thoroughly questioned?

Now that the fireworks are over about the OmniSource property and the political showmanship is done, will the Fort Wayne city councilmen who voted “NO” ask the same pointed questions of the Vera Bradley boutique hotel?

The New Downtown Millennial Hipster Boutique Hotel has all of the same earmarks that Councilman Michael Barranda found offending on the OmniSource property, rich people taking advantage of the taxpayers, giving tax money away with little or no public discussion and putting a short time frame for any public discussion. Will Barranda hold the attorney for the downtown hotel to the same standard of truth and transparency he argued for from the OmniSource owners and their representatives? My guess is not one of the four votes against the start of economic development for the Northwest neighborhood will stand with the same vigorous questioning of any of the investors or developers of the downtown hotel. Is there a double standard from the four no votes on the OmniSource property purchase approval? From a neighborhood advocates’ position, I would have to say yes when it comes to standing for true economic development between neighborhood economic development and downtown millennial hipster economic development. I hope the four no votes will continue with their vigorous and pointed questions about the Vera Bradley Hotel, or was the OmniSource property fight just a dog and pony show for the future of their political careers?

— John Modezjewski, Fort Wayne