LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Endorsing Mark Hurt for U.S. Senate

I first met Mark in May when he attended the Cass County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner in his role of campaigning to be Indiana’s next United State senator in 2018.

Even though there were many influential Republicans at this meal, Mark sought me out to speak with, to hear what I had to say.

Having met several other candidates for the U.S. Senate, I knew at that moment that Mark was the man I was voting for. Working with Mark in the months after our first meeting, my choice has been reaffirmed time and time again.

Mark has gone out of his way to include me and other youth volunteers as integral parts of his campaign, teaching us about the intricacies of running a campaign, empowering us to be spokesmen of conservative values and ideas, and incorporating our ideas in areas central to his campaign’s operation.

Having worked with several campaigns, I have never been as included, nor my ideas as respected, as they have been working for Mark Hunt.

Mark truly cares about empowering youth to be all that they can, taking every opportunity to guide us in this American process, and incorporating us into every aspect of his campaign.

For me, Mark has become a mentor and a good friend.

Mark Hunt has many great ideas and a wealth of knowledge and experience that will serve Indiana well in the United States Senate.

He is a Godly man, unwavering in his Christian values, and his Hoosier values, who cares deeply about the opinions of every person, from the richest businessman to the humblest student.

In a day when it seems that politicians only care about themselves, it is time we elect someone who will empower the next generation of youth to strive to make America the best.

It is time for Mark Hunt to be Indiana’s next United States senator.

— Caleb Sedam, Logansport