LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hypocricy of the sexual misconduct discussion

Regarding the present-day announcements of sexual-predatory behavior of many in the past, the esteemed senator from N.Y., Kirsten Gillibrand (D), spoke in agreement, it seems, with many in the media and political world when she said that sexual misconduct was regarded less harshly in the 1990s than today. Really? By whom? Either wrong is wrong and right is right or the opposite means someone must scramble to be able to justify behavior that is conveniently correct for the time being. Those who deny there is absolute truth must frequently adjust their moorings as to what is acceptable. Sometimes those moorings are adjusted only after a season when the curtain falls, wrong is exposed, and truth takes the stage. Oral sex with a young intern was glossed over because President Clinton somehow made it ok. Wink, wink. Was the possible loss of power a justifiable reason to ignore exploitation and glaze over wrong? Everyone admitted it was embarrassing, but few wanted to label it as wrong. So a New York Post philosopher opines that “Clinton probably should have stepped down.” Really? He’s twenty years late to the truth. What happens when what is inconveniently right is ignored because someone does not want to define and live by moral absolutes of wrong and right? Slavery was regarded less harshly by some 150 years ago. What about those who ignore or even support modern day slavery (aka – trafficking)? What about abortion? I am sure the list can go on and on regarding those issues that are “deemed” right but somehow will ultimately be seen as wrong. It seems that whenever people are seen as objects for the purpose of self-gratification or self-advancement, then truth easily goes by the wayside and anything can be tolerated, even promoted, as a right because someone benefits. When the Republicans adopted the slogan of “Drain the swamp!”, they probably didn’t realize how wide and how deep the swamp would be.

I would like to believe a real cleansing is taking place. In my cynical mind, I doubt it. Unless there’s a real contrition, those with influence, in the political, media, or Hollywood worlds, will still find ways to masquerade and speak out both sides of their mouths. Pardon me while I go vomit.