LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Make sure you are honoring God if you are a believer

Christian believer: If God is not first in your life, is He in at all?

Is what you listen to, read or watch for pleasure God-honoring? Are our actions and speech God-honoring? (These are my 2 main struggles, so please pray for me on them) Is what we listen to, read and watch for pleasure uplifting, promote in some way biblical family values, defend life, defend the defenseless, God-honoring?

Many times we will have to re-evaluate what we listen to, read and watch for pleasure and eliminate for good things like books, movies, TV shows and music that do not have a God-honoring agenda. Those things that are not God-honoring are truly inspired by Satan. Once you give Satan a foothold in your life through what you read, listen to and watch for pleasure you have now given him permission to take control of other parts of your life.

So the question remains who is going to control your life, the God who created the universe and mankind, or Satan who is a fallen angel whose sole purpose is to destroy what God, out of love, created.

— Richard W Burridge, Fort Wayne