LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader questions Mike Braun’s allegiances

All of the ads I hear about Mike Braun on the radio do not square with what I read in the newspaper the other day. According to the story I read, Mike Braun voted for Democrats for nearly two decades and has only recently started voting Republican. There is nothing wrong with seeing the light and becoming a Republican, but there is something fishy about Mike Braun’s voting history.

According to the story in the paper, Mike Braun either voted for Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton in 2008. That’s troubling. He said he is a supporter of President Trump in his radio ads, but I don’t believe anyone who supported Hillary Clinton can be a true Trump supporter. His campaign said it was about effecting local elections. I don’t buy it. He voted Democrat vote 20 years.

Mr. Braun, did you vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? I think myself and my Republican friends deserve to know.

— Kyle Lex, Hartford City