LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader questions Mike Braun’s political affiliation

If I told you someone voted to raise taxes, and either voted for Obama or Hillary, would you say they were a Republican or Democrat? Most folks would say he or she was a Democrat. But there is one problem. Mike Braun, the guy with all of those TV ads, is supposedly a Republican. He claims to support President Trump. He says he is a friend of Indiana businesses. But I don’t believe raising taxes makes your a Republican, I think it makes you a Democrat or a socialist. Voting for Obama and Hillary also makes you a Democrat. Even Bernie Sanders eventually supported Hillary Clinton. Mike Braun is on my TV every day telling me that he is a conservative Republican, but I don’t see that squaring with the story in the paper about him raising taxes and voting for Obama and Hillary. I think he has some serious explaining to do or he should switch back to being a Democrat.

— Kevin Chambers, Fort Wayne