LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader shares a poem written to him by his granddaughter

A reader shared a poem written by Courtney Doyle to her grandfather with the following message:

If the following love and caring of a grandchild like this for her grandad could be transported into ALL OF OUR HEARTS there would be no need for riots, war, dishonesty because we would react to each other with LOVE, NEED AND CARING for each other.

My Grandad is so special

He does stuff for me that means so much

He’s more like a father

than a grandfather

He’s there when I need him

He know’s just what to say

To put a smile on my face

I know that soon, he won’t be there

To hug me when I need it

To make me smile

Like he does to make me laugh

Like he does

So that’s why I enjoy the time

I have with him now

I hope it’s not soon

That he goes and leaves this earth

But if it is

I will cherish all of our memories

Of then and now

But for now

I am enjoying every second

Spent with him

And I’m glad I call him

My Grandad

— Bob Bastian, Fort Wayne