NEWS-SENTINEL EDITORIAL: We offer congratulations to hometown star Addison Agen congratulates Concordia Lutheran High School junior Addison Agen on her incredible performance on “The Voice” television competition that ended last week.

And we wish her the best as she heads into a new year with unlimited potential in a career she has already chosen at a time when many young people haven’t the slightest idea where their lives are headed.

The 16-year-old Fort Wayne girl finished second overall on the NBC vocal talent show to Chloe Kohanski. Her accomplishment in such a high-pressure competition under the spotlight before millions of TV viewers each week seems like it would be overwhelming for anyone, much less a teenager. But Addison never appeared intimidated and advanced week by week like a pro.

As reporter Kevin Kilbane wrote, Addison’s journey on “The Voice” has given people in Fort Wayne something to rally around by joining together on #TeamAddison and rallying to “Vote for Addison.”

Addison was encouraged to try out for the national TV competition by her Spanish teacher, Lizette Pierce, who rented a car and drove her and her mother to Chicago last January to audition for the show when she was still 15, she told Kilbane, who followed the young singer’s journey on the show from September till a week ago today (see his stories on

After weeks in L.A., Addison returned home Wednesday night to the cheers of a crowd of about 150 at Fort Wayne International Airport.

Addison started writing her own songs and music at about age 9 or 10, she told Kilbane for an interview profile in early October. She recorded her best songs on an album released in 2016 called “New Places.” Most songs on the album were inspired by her parents’ divorce a few years ago, Kilbane wrote.

She sang “Tennessee Rain,” an original song by other songwriters, on “The Voice,” which became No. 1 on iTunes and is included on an album called “The Voice: The Complete Season 13 Collection.”

Addison’s mother, Kristine, is a music therapist who teaches at IPFW and works with patients at the Parkview Hospital-Randallia campus. Her father, Morrison, operates the Neat Neat Neat Records & Music store at 1836 S. Calhoun St.

Faith also has been a foundation in her life, Addison told Kilbane. She, her mother and brother, Korrigan, perform regularly in a praise band at Come2go Ministries, 323 W. Baker St.

Addison said she wants to make song-writing and singing her “Plan A and forever career.”

It’s no secret that the lives of stars in the entertainment industry are under pressures and temptations few of us in the Midwest can comprehend. Our hope is that Addison is able to maintain her faith, personal standards, incredible self-control and work ethic in the coming year (and years) in pursuing what many believe will be the career of a star.