LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Christmas is losing its true meaning

My wife went to get a few Christmas cards today and ended up crying. Going to three stores, she found many Christmas cards, but she was unable to find any Christmas cards, even in the “religious section,” with a clear message of what Christmas is all about: the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the world. She was told that she could find some in a Christian bookstore – an obvious referral! True enough, but that’s not the point here. That sad reality is that there’s apparently little to no market for such cards or that Christmas has lost (or is losing) its objective, historical meaning. To the latter point I almost cried when a TV commercial this season proclaims that family is the greatest gift of Christmas. Is family important? Certainly. Really important. But is that what Christmas is all about? No. Sadly, the “holiday” (“holy day”) is being re-defined and I hope the effort fails. We will keep the focus where it belongs: God’s love, His greatest Gift, in His Son, Jesus. He brings tears of joy to our eyes!

— Karl A. Frincke, Fort Wayne

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