LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader sees value to tax cut, hopes Senate representation does too

I was glad to see the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act pass and I appreciate all of President Trump and Todd Rokita’s leadership in making it happen. It’s lowering the taxes for American people and will help millions get the money they need to cover their bills and invest and keep it out of the hands of bureaucrats, who so often waste it. It is just the kind of change this country needs to get its economy growing and competitive, and being just 23 I have been worried about living in an America with a failing economy.

I was deeply saddened to see Senator Joe Donnelly vote against it, despite President Trump urging him to do the right thing for Hoosiers. He is putting the wants of Washington Democrats over the needs of Hoosiers, and I hope that my Congressman Todd Rokita, who voted for the tax cuts, will overtake him in the Senate race this November. He is a leader that all Hoosiers can count on!

— Joey Kurucz, Twelve Mile, IN

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