LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Reader sees a second side to abortion viewpoint

Politicians represent all of us. Even the ones with whom they don’t agree, a fact often lost on people in red Indiana. Per Amy Schlichter, 20 abortions are performed every day in Indiana. She says these children will never toddle or giggle or hear their mother say, I love you, honey. That’s what she sees.

What I see are 20 women who were not ready to be mothers, who have a chance to go on with their lives, not struggling quite so hard every day of it. Not struggling to get or keep a job or a place to live, which can be magnitudes more difficult with a baby. Many of these women have no partner. Many of them were using birth control when they got pregnant. Were they just supposed to shrug their shoulders and say, oh, I guess I’ll be a mommy after all? I think not. Since the existence of God is in question, it hardly matters what rights the Indiana constitution might ascribe to it, even the right to live. Indiana’s “code” might describe human life as beginning when human sperm meets human egg. What it does not do is grant rights of citizenship to the resulting zygote/embryo/fetus. Not even the slick attempt at that, allowing 529 savings accounts for fetuses, gives those fetuses rights. When a woman is pregnant, she still has rights, no thanks to the pro-forced birth contingent. She has more rights than that zygote/embryo/fetus. She has the right to end her pregnancy.

I and thousands of Hoosier voters support her every step of the way.

— Beth Redden, Fort Wayne