LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Reader takes issue with Kevin Leininger commentary

Reading Kevin Leininger’s January 2nd column I had to respond.

His opening line is “critics played Grinch to Trump’s Santa Claus predictably whining how only the rich would benefit”. Most of us who object to this “tax reform” don’t believe that the rich are the only ones to benefit only that they benefit disproportionally to the middle class. This was sold as middle-class tax relief so why did anyone above the middle class get a cut?

The wealthy will benefit not only directly from this “reform” with lower taxes but as shareholders, they will get a probable second dose through stock buybacks and increased dividends.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful with my new found treasure. I will most assuredly spend and enjoy whatever I get. I am a shareholder so I may enjoy those benefits as well. It’s estimated that the average middle-income tax break will be $1,000-$1,500 while those at the top will average $16,000. In a country where income and asset inequality is the greatest since the great depression that seems not only misguided but maybe even evil.

I also found it amusing that Leininger compared the tax cutting of communist China to our tax cuts.

That brings me to my next point. Tax abatements and corporate welfare. It is estimated that the federal government spends $100B on corporate welfare each year and state and local governments spend another $100B. This last fact is so hard to find information on that nobody really knows how much it is. The one example cited by Leininger shows one company getting $46,350 in benefits each year and that’s one company in one county in our state. Multiply that by counties cities states and businesses and you see how difficult it is to keep track of. Politicians argue that it creates jobs but I see it as blackmail. Whenever companies want to build new plants they always seem to have 2 or 3 states where they want to relocate and then the bidding starts. So now you see the true comparison to China, it is in our socialist policies of giving welfare to corporations. It’s how business is done in communist countries. Take away Putin’s oligarchs and you have a much weaker Putin. Take away any politicians donors and you have politicians who need to stand on their record to survive the next election.

The $200B I cited could be used for socialist policies that benefit everyone. Healthcare, police and fire departments and infrastructure. Pay attention and vote.

— Dennis Powell