LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Letter-writer’s viewpoint lacks God’s unconditional love

In response to the Letter to the Editor on Jan. 13 “Reader sees a second side to abortion viewpoint”…

I feel sorry for Beth Redden to have such a hopeless viewpoint on the beauty of life that, by the way, her parents chose for her.

It is pretty clear why she feels the way she does — because she doubts if God exists. Her doubt in God’s existence could be the underlying reason why she does not feel the deep and unconditional love of her Heavenly Father.

I pray that she invites the Holy Spirit into her life to open her heart and mind to see that God’s love for her is so great that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins.

Also, I pray that her letter did not influence any young woman to go forward with an abortion, but instead made them see how horrific abortion is.

One of her last statements regarding a pregnant woman was “She has the right to end her pregnancy.’ What it really should have said is “She has the right to KILL HER BABY.”

If anyone is contemplating or has had an abortion please know the loving forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ will guide you to the peacefulness of His forgiveness if you just ask Him.

There are many resources available to help a woman through her pregnancy and there are many loving people waiting to adopt their baby.

Also, if there is still any doubt that abortion is acceptable please visit this website to read the testimonials of women and men who have experienced abortion in their lives…it will change your mind forever!


— Shelley Pulver,

Fort Wayne