LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Leininger’s analogy in DACA commentary is off-base

The Kevin Leininger column of Jan. 11 showed clearly that he has no sympathy or support for DACA, the program that prevents the deportation of the 900,000 or so “Dreamers.” These are the ones who came as small children with their illegally entering parents.

The Dreamers are now adults having grown up totally in the U.S. They have their own families and careers, some even in the military. They know no other culture.

As for leaving the Dreamers permanently in our country, Leininger admits that “a good argument can be made for that on both humanitarian and logistical grounds.”

He ignores that argument with a preposterous analogy, saying “Dreamers have no more right to stay in America than children of bank robbers have a right to keep their father’s stolen loot.”

Deporting Dreamers would be more like sending the bank robber’s children to prison with him. Perhaps Leininger can provide an argument to show how the U.S. would benefit from that.

The Dreamers are already benefiting our country. They have an immediate need for a renewed DACA and should not be kept hostage to the long-term matter of border security.

— Gordon E. Walter,

Fort Wayne