LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 1097, what’s your 10-20?

Perhaps I watched too many cop shows as a kid, but I was prompted to pose the question, “House Bill 1097, what’s your 10-20”, when I learned that House Speaker Brian Bosma had not assigned 1097, the Protection at Conception Bill, to a committee. Police code 10-20 means “location”, so in other words, HB 1097 what’s your location?

My question was prompted by my concern that House Speaker Brian Bosma had buried HB 1097 somewhere in the deepest bowels of the Statehouse with the hope that it would never see the light of day.

But now that Bosma has assigned 1097 to the House Public Policy Committee, it seems that he plans to kill the bill that would save Hoosier babies, the same way he killed it last year

In 2017 Representative Curt Nisly introduced the Protection at Conception bill that would protect all pre-born babies from the moment of conception to natural death, but Ben Smaltz, House Speaker Brian Bosma’s hand-picked chair of the House Public Policy Committee, refused to give the bill a hearing or a vote.

So now I ask every pro-life Hoosier, what’s your 10-20?

Where are you, and will you help end abortion in Indiana?

First, sign the petition to support life at www.Hoosiers4life.com, then ask Smaltz, 317-232-9850, to give HB 1097 a hearing and a vote.

Don’t do it for me. Do it for the 8,000 Hoosier babies destined to die next year if we let Bosma and Smaltz kill the bill that would save them.

— Jim Arnold, Muncie