LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rokita has a history of fighting for Hoosiers

Indiana has an important Senate race this year, and as Hoosiers, we need to make the right decision. I know that Congressman Todd Rokita is the best man for the job. When Rokita was Indiana’s Secretary of State he created voter ID laws, which more than 20 states have followed.

Congressman Rokita also lives in Indiana, which is important if you’re going to be representing the state. He doesn’t just talk about term limits, he’s a co-sponsor of a bill that would put term limits for Congress. (12 years, two terms for Senators, six terms for congressional members).

He also is a sponsor of a bill that would ban congress members from becoming lobbyists. Congressman Rokita believes you’re in Congress to serve the people not use it as a stepping stone for your career. Congressman Rokita traveled that state and visited every county as Secretary of State, netting 45,000 miles in a year. Hoosiers need to know, Congressman Rokita knows how to fight for Hoosiers. He did as Secretary of State, Congressman of Indiana’s 4th district and will continue to do so as your next Senator!

— Parker Adkins, Northwestern Indiana