LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The problem with piecemeal abortion legislation

The problem with the incremental legislative approach of regulating abortion is that it saves some babies while condemning others to death.

We mandate stricter licensing of abortion clinics, to provide a “safer” abortion procedure, and yet the other patient, I say victim, surely dies. Likewise, we legislate “cleaner “abortion facilities which ensures fewer infections for abortive mothers, while tolerating certain death for the preborn baby.

Consider William Wilberforce, British politician prominent in the struggle to abolish the slave trade and then to abolish slavery in British overseas possessions.

Had Wilberforce embraced the incremental legislative approach to ending the slave trade, the resulting legislation might have mandated fewer slaves stacked like cordwood in holds of slave ships. More human cargo would have survived the voyage, only to be damned to a lifetime of misery and servitude.

Perhaps Martin Luther King might have followed suit and marched for equality on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and every other Sunday.

Preborn babies are not lifeless lumps of tissue, and killing them in the mother’s womb is not a healthy choice. They are tiny but viable humans with unique DNA who deserve the constitutional protections promised “all” Americans.

Indiana Statute IC 16-34-2-1.1 confirms that life begins at conception, stating “That human physical life begins when a human ovum is fertilized by a human sperm.”

Indiana Legislators can tinker at regulating abortion for another four decades while 8,000 more Hoosier babies are slaughtered every year, or they can pass the Protection at Conception Bill and end abortion in Indiana.

— Jim Arnold, Central Indiana