LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need to give God reverence, not leftovers

We need to enter worship with our hearts and minds focused on God.

In our busy world, it is easy to rush into our one- hour-a-week worship service without preparing ourselves for worship beforehand. We reflect and worry about the week’s problems; we pray about whatever comes into our minds, and we do not meditate on the words we are singing.

But God wants our worship to be conducted “properly and in an orderly manner.” (1 Corinthians14:40) Just as we prepare to meet a business associate or invited guest, we should carefully prepare to meet our King in worship. Worship (appreciating God for his nature and worth) should occupy the core of our lives and not just a few minutes once a week. We can worship at all hours if we stay aware of God’s presence and guidance in all situations and if we maintain an attitude of serving him. We need to build our lives around the worship of God rather than making worship just another activity in a busy schedule.

— Richard W Burridge, Fort Wayne