LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Not everyone is a fan of David Long

So, David Long is retiring from our state legislature. To me, it is a case of goodbye and good riddance. Long spent eight years of being a boot-licking supporter of Mitch Daniels, Indiana’s worst governor.

Daniels signed the state of Indiana up for the Right to Work Law. Long fully supported this law. One of the claims was that companies here in Indiana would no longer leave Indiana for other sites outside of Indiana. Has anyone here ever heard of Rexnord, UTEC or Carrier?

The voters here in Indiana voted for Glenda Ritz to be superintendent of the public instruction. The treatment of Ritz by the Republicans in the statehouse could only be politely described as deplorable. Long was all a part of it. In defense of Long, there were others who treated Ritz very badly. Has anyone here ever heard of Mike Pence?

The public school system was under attack from both Daniels and Pence for what amounted to 12 years. Long was in office during that period of time. Listening to Daniels, you would have thought that public school teachers were the enemies of the state. Pence’s answer to any or all problems with education was to throw more money at the voucher program. From what I hear, that is still the legislature’s answer to any and all problems with the education in our state.

— Curtis J. Ransom, Spencerville