LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Punish the manufacturer of opioids? You are missing the point

I just want all of the people who are so concerned with the “opioid epidemic” to know not only do we consider your tactics ridiculous; it’s the same thing that you people always do . . . miss the point entirely.

I have read article after article about how you want to punish the manufacturer of opioids and the doctors who prescribe the medication. You forget the FDA approved these drugs. The doctors went to school to prescribe those drugs.

The organizations that deal with the fallout of opioid addiction are underfunded and get funding cuts all the time. Meanwhile, we watch you spend stupendous amounts of money on a prosecution that is absolutely erroneous.

It shows us you are only interested in a healthy bottom line. Certainly not in your constituents, not our children or the people who have fallen into the trap of addiction.

Just a hint, fix what’s broken first, then fix everything that it broke by being broken. Simple mechanical theory.

— Erick L. Cocks, Indiana