LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Washington elites need to give EVERYONE chance to speak

Rep. Curt Nisly was elected in 2014 in Indiana’s District 22. You would think that would mean something in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to mean anything to the Indianapolis elites. I recently had the opportunity to testify in a committee hearing at the statehouse. Despite his duty to represent the people of District 22, Rep. Nisly was treated with absolute disrespect during second reading last week. I have never seen such infantile behavior from adults in the House as I witnessed then. Perhaps Speaker Brian Bosma should heed his own advice of civility in his own chamber. The legislative leadership refused to acknowledge Rep. Nisly by his title or name as he waited patiently to offer a common-sense solution to fix the bill back to its original language of protecting parental rights. When Rep. Nisly asked for a roll call vote on his amendment to the bill, he was blatantly denied that even with a loud “second” motion. I was shocked. How dare the Indianapolis elites decide how our elected representative represents us? It isn’t their call. We elected him to represent us; they need to respect our decision and allow him to do his job. I am sick of the juvenile antics of Indianapolis, and I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to let Indianapolis decide for me who my representative will be. I was proud of Representative Nisly as he stood for what is right and as he sought to protect Hoosier children and parents. I am proud that he doesn’t play crony politics. I’m proud that he’s more focused on representing us than buddying up to the elites. Keep going, Rep. Nisly. You’re in good company. Washington elites try to ignore Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Justin Amash, and Rep. Thomas Massie, too.

— Rhonda Miller, Nappanee