LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rep. Curt Nisly’s bill needs to be given a chance for a vote

Eighteen states are currently considering abortion bans to go into effect soon to either push an end to Roe v. Wade or to be ready for a return to state regulation when that happens.

In Indiana, we already have a law on the books (IC 13-64-2-1.1) that states that “human physical life begins when a human ovum is fertilized by a human sperm.” Couple that with the constitutional right to life and you can see that the abortion laws we currently have are in conflict with each other and with our constitution. One Indiana legislator stands firm on the protection of life at all phases from conception to natural death. That legislator is our own District 22 State Representative Curt Nisly. In the past two years, Curt has bravely introduced a bill that will is the strongest pro-life bill imaginable. Constitutional attorneys have lauded it as “genius” and other states have studied it to use in their own states. Sadly, the leadership of our state legislature has failed to put this bill before the representatives for a vote yet, but many are confident that the time will come.

This is only one of many ways that Curt Nisly shows that he respects the people of our district and state. I am very proud to have a representative who listens to his constituents and stands strong for us in Indianapolis.

— Deb Spencer, Northern Indiana