LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Abortion, the ultimate act of child abuse

Have you witnessed those wonderful whirligigs whirling in the breeze to draw attention to the “Prevent Child Abuse” signs dotting the landscape?

What better way to promote awareness of child abuse than those spinning pinwheels that mesmerize the young with their magical movements and kaleidoscope colors.

Preventing child abuse is certainly a noble cause, but to succeed in that endeavor we must likewise oppose abortion, the ultimate act of child abuse, which denies its innocent victims any life beyond the cruel act of an abortionist tearing them apart limb by limb in what should be the safest place for a baby, their mother’s womb.

I suggest that preventing child abuse becomes infinitely more difficult when we set the value of human life so low that we allow the abomination of abortion.

Abortion rejects their humanity and refutes their worth.

Abortion denies them every joy, every sorrow, every today, every tomorrow.

Abortion steals from them every sunrise, every sunset; every sunny day, every starry night.

Abortion takes from them every hope, every dream, every plan, every scheme.

Abortion denies them every loss, every gain, every pleasure, every pain.

Abortion bars them every success, every failure, .every aspiration, every inspiration.

Abortion deprives them of life, liberty, and property, without due process of law, and in direct violation of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Abortion stands in stark contrast to every value that we claim to hold dear.

Let’s prevent child abuse starting with abortion, the ultimate act of child abuse.

— Jim Arnold, central Indiana

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