LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Need for electric charging stations is growing

Constance Douri’s March 12th column got me thinking, so I found interesting statistics on electric vehicles.

It’s been reported by ChargePoint (electric charging stations) that over 763,000 EV autos have been sold in the U.S. and it is expected that 1 million will be on the road in two years. The EV is expected to make up more than half of all car sales by 2040.

Our EV makes up part of that 763,000 sold in the US.

The Citilink has EV buses, and we get a kick out of how “green” our city is getting. Pulling up alongside another EV brings a sense of comaraderie with our fellow citizens who choose no-emission vehicles.

Charge stations are truly important for EV owners, just like combustion-engine autos need filling stations. These charge stations are few and far between in our city. None are found in the downtown area, campuses or malls. We hear from friends living in other cities how convenient their charge stations are located.

Ideal locations for our charge stations would be no different than theirs. For example, I could see one located at the Barr Street Market area and in the parking garages, which would cover large portions of the downtown area. The campuses and shopping centers would be great locations as well.

Exciting things are happing all over our community which is building a more beautiful place for the future. Let’s not forget electric charging stations for the cars of the future.

— Thomas May, Fort Wayne

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