LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Chris Spurr will curb wild-eyed downtown spending as county commissioner

Until recently income tax in Allen County was 1% of our wages. That amount has increased 47% in just the past few years. Property assessments are skyrocketing and many new taxes and fees have been added to our tax burden. Why?

The reason is RINO Republicans have been on a wild-eyed spending spree on buildings downtown. With each new project they rubber stamp, a select group political insiders get wealthier, while the rest of us see our taxes go ever higher.

The media cheerleads for each new round of spending. No expenditures are ever questioned and no conflicts of interest, even those that are very likely criminal, get any investigation. New taxpayer-funded buildings keep going up, and so do our taxes.

So what is one to do if they don’t care for this socialist spending spree by big government establishment Republicans? The answer is to vote for Chris Spurr for County Commissioner. Spurr will be the only Commissioner who is a friend of the taxpayer and who doesn’t want to see the county’s treasury become a spigot pouring your hard earned money into the city and then onto connected political insiders.

So this May 8th, put the spurs to the establishment who thinks they deserve your money more than you do. Vote Chris Spurr for County Commissioner to stop the runaway socialist drive of today’s Allen County Republican Party.

— Ric Runestad, Leo