LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need more fiscal watchdogs

The St. Joseph township advisory board race currently has 12 candidates in the Republican primary. With everyone living busy lives, it is easy to overlook this race. But this race is important. The Township currently has a budget of $1.5 million that includes township assistance, fire department, baseball diamonds and a recreation hall. Is all of this money being spent wisely? That is the job of the advisory board to determine. The reason I am running is because we need more fiscal watchdogs in government. Both political parties are piling up debt on future generations. What is needed in all levels of government are people to sound the alarm bell when the taxpayer’s money is being needlessly wasted. I am asking to be your watchdog at the Township level. Here is what I plan to do when I am elected.

1. Trustee pay has increased 40% in the last few years, I will halt the pay raises for the Trustee and Township Board. Throughout the year 2019, the Trustee and the Advisory Board will track their hours. In 2020, their pay will be reevaluated and see if it is comparable with the private sector. Pay adjustments will then be done accordingly.

2. No matter who wins the Trustee race, a new fire chief will be needed. I will insist the new fire chief be EMS certified. The Trustee may not serve as fire chief.

3. The fire chief will not have unlimited use of the response vehicle. Restrictions will be implemented.

4. If a request is made for new fire vehicles, I will want the current vehicles independently inspected to make sure the purchase is needed.

5. I will look at each line item of the budget and will compare it to the other Townships. If I find that we are paying more for that line item, I will bring it to the attention of the Trustee.

6. If I find that the Trustee is needlessly wasting money. I will sound the alarm bell and bring this to the attention of the press and the people of the township.

As for my other political views I believe in the following. Low taxes, abortion should be abolished, you should be able to carry a firearm without permit, religious freedoms should be protected, and government should only play a limited role in our day to day lives. I’ve voted Republican my whole life and served as delegate to the Republican State Convention in 2016 and I will again this year. I also serve as the Republican precinct captain for my area.Thank you for reading. Please consider my candidacy for St. Joseph Township board on May 8th.

— Jason Hollinger, Republican Township Advisory Board Candidate