LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fort Wayne is the second-biggest city without an abortion facility

Fort Wayne is number two by population of a list of big cities without an abortion facility, following only Corpus Cristi, Texas. The study out of University of California San Francisco acts as if this is a bad thing.

As someone who used to stand and pray outside of Fort Wayne’s abortion facility on Inwood Road, I can tell you we should all be thankful Fort Wayne is abortion facility-free.

My heart broke every time I saw a woman leave the facility in tears or needing help to her car, unable to walk on her own.

Abortion leaves behind two victims. The abortion industry is notorious for claiming abortions are empowering to women.

It pretends women never bear physical or emotional scars from their abortions.

We must be honest about the tragedy of abortion, otherwise, we further alienate the women who are struggling after an abortion.

Fort Wayne is abortion facility-free, but women in our midst have still had abortions. I’m proud that our pregnancy care centers offer not only pregnancy services, but post-abortion recovery services.

I hope you’ll support the pro-life advocates in our community who are working tirelessly to keep abortion facilities out of Allen County, who are helping women in difficult pregnancies and showing love to those who are recovering from an abortion.

— Evelyn Witte, Fort Wayne

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