The Rant for July 25, 2018

Why on earth would you argue with a request from a flight attendant. Sounds like a deliberate try to make trouble to me and I saw nothing menacing about the flight attendant in the video that apparently went viral. Being civil goes both ways and I see so little civility. I wonder if being kicked off an airplane is the new “get rich scheme”

So it was “us” hippies who started America on the downward spiral.

Hippies who went to Woodstock and protested the Vietnam War. Here is a fact.

3 of my kids are doctors and the other is a lawyer. I still wear my hair long and I do know who started America on a downward spiral you old goat. Look in the mirror and you will see the culprit. It is you bub.

I’d like to suggest another option of keeping pets safe to Phantom Fireworks… Stop selling fireworks!

Canada is mad at us because we no longer want to pay the 250 (or more) tax tariff on our agricultural product, which essentially means they have established a trade barrier to our exporting these to them. This not fair trade. They have been in a trade war with us for decades. We just haven’t fought back until now.

Fresh faces that want to see Fort Wayne prosper is what we need in council!

Tom Henry announced he’s running for mayor again. SHOCKING. I have never met a man with a bigger ego that needed to be stroked so much.

I would like to thank Glynn Hines for his years of service. I know him personally and while I don’t agree with all his stances, I always respect him!

So the Greater Fort Wayne group took a poll of 600 select people out of a population of roughly 300,000 and declared that 85% of the population approved of the Electric Works project. The project should be put on the ballot in November for everyone to vote on.

So Mayor Henry wants to run again. Four terms is too long for anyone to run.

PRMC and 3Rivers FCU provide bottled SALT water to patients and customers. They use Nestle Pure Life which contains 3 naturally-occurring salts added as “flavor enhancers.” As I’m hypertensive, I don’t need extra salt and, besides, this water really tastes odd.

There are just no words for the person who ran a person over and left them for DEAD. Your slap on the wrist was Drug Court. Now the state allows you to be a Pharmacy Tech and you applied for your Alcohol Permit as well! Recovered? I DON’T THINK SO!!!

Anyone ever notice that the vast majority of people look despondent and miserable?

It is after 1:00 a.m. on July 5th. Idiots are still setting off firecrackers. On July 4th is was after 1:30 a.m. when it finally stopped. How can anyone be so inconsiderate and selfish to keep an entire neighborhood awake? They obviously don’t work and don’t care about others who do. The law needs to be enforced and these people should be fined and put in jail. Where are my rights to the peaceful enjoyment of my home?

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