LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 3 1/2 reasons to like and re-elect Mayor Henry, from a conservative thinker

As a Conservative thinking Neighborhood person I have been very vocal critic of the Henry Administration for many years and have had much to say about my perception of the lack of Mayor Henry’s fiscal attention to Neighborhoods.

But now, when I have to make a choice between the so-called GFW Conservative, tax-and-spend, Republicans who have overlooked neighborhoods, raised our taxes, voted to raise our water and sewer rates and have done nothing but thrown pennies to the neighborhoods just so they can give lip service to the needs of the neighborhoods about how they care. We do have a Democratic Mayor who has been trying to help neighborhoods, all the while balancing the economic development of the millennial hipster downtown, GE Project, The Landing project, the resurrection of the core of the city and balancing the neighborhoods’ needs, not to mention the neglected infrastructure. I can’t say I’m real happy about some of the choices Mayor Henry has made, but he made them and that’s that — he made a decision.

I thought I was a conservative Republican, but the national, state and local Republicans have abandoned Conservative thinking for a more left-leaning progress tax and their political correctness has made me an outcast from the “grand-old party.”

I just can’t be a Democrat because of the national party’s political platform and far-left and radical agenda. The Democratic party’s high profile leadership that is representing and running the Democratic Party both from the national, state and local levels have moved too far left for me and my thinking. Their political viewpoint is way too liberal and radical for me to jump on board the “Nut job train.” So where do I go? What do I do? Who do you support? What a mess we have made of all political choices. So called conservative Republicans are taxing us to death, liberal Democrats are politically correcting me into duct taping my head so it doesn’t explode by stupid and unintelligible statements from their far-left radical leadership.

Back to my 3 1/2 reason’s why I have to vote for Mayor Henry, again.

1. He hasn’t done anything to hurt Fort Wayne or the neighborhoods.

2. He has been trying to help the neighborhoods.

3. I just like the man. Tom Henry is a likable person and, to me, that’s a big plus.

1/2. Mayor Henry does listen to the neighborhoods’ leadership and sometimes really tries to get the issues fixed.

Given who the GFW tax-and-spend Republicans have running for Mayor, I have to go with Henry for another four years of a known relationship (a sometimes bumpy relationship) rather than the GFW-backed, propaganda- ladden, Republican candidates.

— John Modezjewski, Fort Wayne