LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Is enough really being done to solve homicides?

In August of 2017, my grandson became the 22nd homicide of the year — a title no one wants. Since then, I have been seeking justice for Spencer. My life changed on the 19th of August, I became an advocate for justice. Not just for Spencer but for all the homicide victims in the last three years gun violence and homicide have been out of control.

Very few have been resolved with a conviction of murder. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that something isn’t right in our justice system. From investigation of the crime, collecting evidence, DNA, video, witnesses — we should have a better rate of locking up those who choose to murder someone or to use a gun to commit revenge on someone.

We shouldn’t have murderers still walking the streets who have committed multiple murders. There are no excuses why they are and a human life was taken with no results of justice. I have done countless interviews, I’ve worked with the police department and the prosecutor’s office. I had to stand on Clinton Street holding a sign in 20-degree weather while it was snowing like crazy. But what’s more crazy is that, in a two-day period, we had nine people shot and only one person arrested — and he had a previous warrant and was driving a car sideswiping another car and drove off.

He had three gunshot victims in his car and this is the only one who has been charged with anything.

Gun violence homicides are out of control. I don’t feel the police have a clue on what to do to get it under control.

I do have an idea as to what the reason is — they lack the funds and someone else’s legacy.

Mayor Tom Henry wants to be known as the mayor who changed the skyline of Fort Wayne. I believe he has pulled money from every resource, even the police department, to do that.

I also believe that in my grandson’s case, there is a cover-up that the person who killed my grandson is connected to an agency that doesn’t want him caught. They fought to keep my grandson’s killer off of Crimestoppers, they stopped talking to me for two months when I told them who I thought the guy was. They looked at me as if they were shocked that I could figure this out and they have never denied it.

As I told Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards, I’m getting ready to turn up the heat. City Councilman John Crawford was supposed to have turned down an idea on making an ordinance that would require businesses and apartment complexes have video that covers all areas of their businesses and complexes. This is evidence in a crime that’s on camera. On March 10, I had an event and John Crawford said city council would give the police department and prosecutors anything they needed or asked for.

It’s on camera John, so you can’t deny it. My feelings are, at this point, if you aren’t willing to combat homicides on gun violence, look for a new career because we the people of Fort Wayne are fed up with the broken justice system.

I have a P.S.A. spot running on WANE, Channel 15 that I did with prosecutor Karen Richards and as stated in the spot, “Time’s Up!” Get justice for the victims or find a new career. I’m intending on involving the Attorney General to do an investigation into why these homicides are not getting resolved. I’m asking that Fort Wayne stand up for justice, seek answers and use their voice to make a difference. Enough if enough.

— David Miller, Fort Wayne

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