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Letter to the editor: How far off track has our society gone?

This is in response to the letter to the editor Feb. 16, titled, “Quality of life more important than the fact of life.” I must say to the writer, would you say to your baby, grandchild or even yourself ...

Letter to the editor: God chooses presidents

It seems a lot of people do not know God chooses our presidents. All these violent protests, inspired by Satan, will not change anything. Everything will still go according to God’s plan. Phyllis Bowsman Columbia ...

Letter to the editor: Customers need reliable power supply

Constant availability of affordable electricity is vital to attracting, keeping and growing businesses in Indiana. For decades, low-cost coal that fuels generation plants have played a big role in helping Hoosier electri ...

Letter to the editor: Parents need to be involved

Funding the state government on raising taxes from a very unhealthy habit is irresponsible. Why not figure out how to decrease spending? — Oh, no, that would be unheard of. The state wants to use this tax to fund a ...