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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Republicans aren't representing we the people

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Friday, August 11, 2017 12:01 am

Since when does the Republican Party think they can win the next election? There is no way they can. Republicans can't even decide what they want to happen. The Democrats are laughing at them as they look and act like a circus — and we folks voted for them. What an insult!!

First the Republicans keep saying they would vote out Obamacare, but they can't even get their own party to support it. Why? Is it because they are afraid if they vote to change, we their district people might get upset because we aren't in the plan and they might get voted out? Do wonder how many folks in the representative district were actually talked to on the gut level.

Second I believe that all representatives in Congress should be on the same health plan and the same retirement plan as we the struggling citizens. Congress will not let it happen. When Obamacare was getting voted on, they eliminated themselves from having to go on that plan. Sadly it was approved for them after the reporters left. Why does Congress work for themselves instead of us anymore?

It is because they don't have to worry about losing any election? These life-time politicians keep saying they have seniority rights and can lead such-and-such group. All they do is support their own interests, which means each party supports each other. The appearance is they are in it together to protect what they have or want because there is no worry about losing an election.

When did it happen that all our politicians (both parties) quit working for what is best for our nation and the people of the United States? Is it because they now work for special interest groups? Congress wants us to believe that their vote cannot be bought. However, they receive thousands of dollars getting elected and spend millions of dollars for a position that pays not more than $200. Why have we been so gullible?

I know that we here in Indiana cannot change things alone as it has to happen in every state. The elected officials live like they are above the laws that they make and ignore but we have to follow. Our forefathers did not intend for us to have professional politicians. Is there anyone who works fewer hours or has more vacation time than our representatives? Think about how long you work to get vacation time. Congress even gets a raise each year when our money went into Social Security doesn't. Why? Is there a need for a costly D.C. home and a home in the representative state? A solution would be a dorm-like living quarters, go to work, do the job, and return home!

A march to D.C. would be ignored as Congress feels safely protected from the real people they represent. Do these representatives really believe we are dumb enough to think that they do not get bought off? Lobbyist and special groups send them millions of dollars to support them. Why is any office worth the millions that is spent on every election? Election money is wasted on throwing dirt on other human beings. This money could go for better healthcare and food for our hungry people. Why do we send so much money to countries that want to develop weapons to kill or destroy us? We average Americans are watching closely and are keeping names in mind for the next voting time!

Ralph Klinker




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