Michelle Malkin

MICHELLE MALKIN: Pyongyang on the Prairie, Part I


A criminal justice system that operates in the dark is arbitrary, unjust and criminal. In Oklahoma this year, a Kafkaesque set of sealed motions, secret orders and closed-door hearings completely shut out a criminal defendant, his public defenders and the public. A trial judge served as a ...

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NEWS-SENTINEL EDITORIAL: Who should your tip go to at a restaurant?


You’ve just received exceptional service from your waitress at a local restaurant. When you receive your bill, you want to let her know beyond your “thank you” that you were pleased, so you tip her extra well. What if that tip money was pooled at the end of the day with all other tips ...

rich lowery

RICH LOWRY: No, Michael Flynn didn’t violate the Logan Act


In December 2016, Michael Flynn was three weeks from becoming the national-security adviser to the next president of the United States. This is a pertinent fact in evaluating the conduct underlying his plea deal with Robert Mueller. Flynn admitted to lying to FBI agents about his contacts with ...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Will downtown hotel be thoroughly questioned?


Now that the fireworks are over about the OmniSource property and the political showmanship is done, will the Fort Wayne city councilmen who voted “NO” ask the same pointed questions of the Vera Bradley boutique hotel? The New Downtown Millennial Hipster Boutique Hotel has all of the ...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Todd Rokita represents Hoosier values


Republicans cannot make the mistake of nominating a Richard Lugar or Evan Bayh, two politicians that ran for office in Indiana but lived in Washington D.C. History shows Hoosier voters want their representatives to live in Indiana. Republican primary voters should nominate Todd Rokita in the ...

Michael Hicks, director of the Bureau of Business Research at Ball State University

MICHAEL HICKS: Indiana doesn’t have a jobs problem


There seems to be a widespread belief that what ails many an Indiana community could be remedied by a few more good-paying jobs. This conviction is so common that it leaks into political campaigns, forcing otherwise thoughtful candidates to succumb to the siren call of ‘jobs.’ I have long ...

dave ramsey new

DAVE RAMSEY: Budgeting for holiday happiness


Dear Dave, My wife and I are trying to improve our finances by living on a budget and following your plan. We're in the middle of Baby Step 2, so we're working to pay off everything but our house using the debt snowball. We only bring home about $40,000 a year combined right now, so how should ...

DAVE RAMSEY EXTRA: 5 Gotchas to Budget for this Holiday Season


One of the biggest problems with Christmas is how it moves around on the schedule every year. You never know when it's going to be, when it might be coming, and then BOOM! There it is at your front door saying, "Hey, I'm Christmas. Buy stuff!" But, wait a minute ... Christmas is on the same ...

MONA CHAREN: Is feminism the answer to sexual harassment?


So the friendly morning host with the warm smile was a serial sexual predator? He had a secret lock installed on his office door operated by a button under his desk like a Bond villain? The NPR guy was a Prairie Homewrecker? Next you’ll tell us that nice Bill O’Reilly is a creep. Never mind ...

Star Parker

STAR PARKER: George Washington’s Solution for Sexual Harassment


The avalanche of sexual harassment claims, with new ones pouring forth daily, leads me to the wisdom of George Washington's observation in his farewell address in 1796: "Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. ...

Michael Barone

MICHAEL BARONE: ‘Hurtling’ Republican Tax Bill Actually Serious


"The Republican tax bill hurtling through Congress is increasingly tilting the United States tax code to benefit wealthy Americans." That's the beginning of a 37-word first sentence in a stage-setting front-page story in The New York Times on the tax bill under consideration in the Senate this ...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Abortion, the ultimate act of incivility


I hear that House Speaker Brian Bosma accused followers of Hoosiers for Life of incivility during Organization Day at the Indiana Statehouse. Apparently Speaker Bosma would like to turn the conversation from the fact that he plans to kill bills that protect the unborn this coming legislative ...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Miracles begin with act of obedience


Faith is the step between promise and assurance. Miracles seem so out of reach for our feeble faith. But every miracle large or small begins with an act of obedience. We may not see the solution until we take the first step of faith. Even when God has done a miracle in our lives, our troubles ...